Duquette Consulting – State of Maryland PPE Fulfillment 

JULY 27, 2020 – Boston, MA – Duquette Consulting is pleased to announce the fulfillment of a major Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) requisition to the State of Maryland. Duquette Consulting formed an international partnership to procure and deliver over five million high quality NIOSH approved N95 masks as requested by the State of Maryland to combat COVID-19 within the State.

Maryland sought out entities that would be able to address, handle and solve this emergency crisis issue.  Duquette Consulting contacted State emergency officials, and its founder, Dan Duquette, a former MLB executive, went to work in the coordination and management of this partnership that produced significant PPE delivery.

The undertaking included working with multiple worldwide vendors of PPE, managing the entire process from financing the opportunity, to overseeing operations from factory to final transport and delivery.  Duquette Consulting was responsible for the overall management of this multifaceted and highly fluid process, which included several business partners.

 Duquette Consulting originally partnered with Baltimore based SPS LLLP, an affiliated company of Barletta Engineering which provided administrative and financial support for this opportunity.  DC also was fortunate to engage Crowley Solutions, a business unit of Crowley Maritime Corp. that serves as a leading provider of supply chain, marine, energy and technology services for government agencies. Crowley, a 128-year-old company,has a deep-rooted history of supporting state, federal and international agencies in in diverse relief and response activities, including expeditionary logistics services. Crowley also has a US Top Secret Clearance that allows them to efficiently provide a multitude of services to such organizations and customers as the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance and the World Food Program.  Stated Dan Duquette, Founder and Principal of Duquette Consulting, “Crowley brought its many benefits and assets to the forefront in this effort, which allowed my firm to interface with the decision makers in Maryland with expediency and demonstrable execution. I am very pleased not only that together, we were able to deliver to the State of Maryland on its requested PPE, but as a result of our joint efforts, we are now being recognized by Crowley as a preferred business partner for the ongoing business of delivering PPE to those in need.”  

Duquette Consulting also made arrangements with other partners who used their financial institutions in support of the transaction and who played an instrumental role in sourcing the supply which contributed to the overall success of this business operation.